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Festival Republic stage
The Brief

“Download Pilot” was the first 3-day camping government test event following the height of the pandemic – a platform for the future of all other festivals. Working closely with Festival Republic, within the space of just 1 month, our role was to clearly communicate that this was not a normal Download Festival and ensure there was a balance of coverage for the science behind the event and the performers.

What We Did

LD implemented a strategic three-pronged campaign to ensure successful communication of the event and sell tickets to willing and knowledgeable customers. Firstly, working closely with Festival Republic and DCMS, we announced independently from the Phase two pilot events, ensuring ownership of the messaging and clearly communicating the testing regime in place. Secondly, switched to the core ticket buying audience with performer announcements. Lastly, delivering widespread media coverage onsite with availability of both scientists and festival representatives to ensure the reason for the event was front and centre.

The campaign helped lead to a sold out event and opened up the remainder of the 2021 festival season.

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What we achieved

1 billion

1 billion audience reach


£9,500,000 PR value

+ 79,000%

ROI + 79,000% based on PR Value


3233 pieces of coverage

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With our love of music and festivals it was exhilarating to be part of this amazing event and be part of ensuring that the festival season was able to go ahead. The scientist interviews really helped make sure the public knew they would be safe in a festival environment.

Doug Wright, MD LD Communications
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