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Charlotte Hawkins Portrait
The Brief

“Last, Past and Blast” is the first release of the partnership between Charlotte Hawkins and Sony Classical. Driving awareness and encouraging fan engagement were the key requirements. This would be achieved by signposting a mainstream audience towards the podcast and showcasing Charlotte’s passion for classical music.

What We Did

LD knew that Charlotte’s audience wouldn’t be trawling podcast lists so we devised a strategy that would showcase the podcast by placing it where her audience were likely to be. We launched the campaign with an editorial partnership with OK Magazine and followed this with a carefully curated portfolio of on and off-line media publications where we showcased specific themes raised in the podcast designed to drive curiosity for the podcast itself.

The engagement with the podcast developed an audience who Charlotte could speak to on an ongoing basis, and be targeted for the subsequent album release.

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What we achieved

67 million

67m audience reach


£780,000 media value


The campaign surpassed all expectations delivering a 13,000% ROI based on PR value.

No 1

No 1 on Apple Music Podcasts


177 pieces of coverage

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We were really pleased with the results of the campaign to achieve No 1 on Apple and an audience reach in excess of 67m is incredible for a debut product.

Josephin Meyer, Account Manager, LD Communications
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